BridgeLeader Network's mission is to assist, inspire and develop organizations to increase multicultural effectiveness. BLN offers churches, businesses, and corporations solutions to the problems of racial differences and offers proactive strategies to help them live the values of reconciliation and effective multiculturalism.

Today, BLN has on-going relationships with Fortune 100 companies, accredited universities, local & state governments, and other organizations that desire to have a thriving and diverse workplace. BLN also has a publishing partnership with InterVarsity Press called BridgeLeader Books. This line of books is dedicated to encouraging the values of racial reconciliation, multicultural ministry and diversity of all kinds.

If you are interested in having BridgeLeader Network partner with your organization, please refer to our services page to see how we can best assist you, or call our office at 443.424.8119 or email info@AndersonSpeaks.com.